The world is shaped by visionaries, by complainers, by people who make up and create new realities and revolutions.
Today Art Mafia is a dream of mine, in which art is used as a medium to reshape the way we live. Not (exclusively) through the collective creation of artworks, but through an aesthetic way of living in community and balance.
The 'non-art-reality' was a term already used by the fluxus movement, and Lebenskunst (in latin ars vivendi) is a term already used in philosophy. I combine this with Marx's opinion on how we should encourage more idle or free time to live and enjoy life.
I would love to live in a reality in which we all work for a common benefit, and still have enough time to care for and explore ourselves. I dream of a world in which we all live in balance with others, with the planet, and with ourselves.
This is of course, a sociological complex dream. It involves substituting capitalism with communitarian support nets, accountability and commitment, agriculture and good productions, redesigning transport and reshaping cities back to a human scale. Basing our survival on rich networks of solidarity.
My personal interest lays on artistic urbanism, the use of "public" spaces and the socio-moral consequences of living in societies led by greed. And how we can reshape them. My personal dream is to design spaces, in particular spatial nodes through which the metropilos becomes again the site of politics, where dominant forms of living together are questioned and potentially changed.
I pledge for a review of our priorities and values as a society, and to come to terms with the fact that we, as individuals can't make a change, but we, as a community and as a society could, with the right ways of commitment and logistical organisation.
So Today Art Mafia is the naming of the dream in which we all, as 'life-artists' cooperate to find that balance, in which the basis of our institutions and tools are set up in a way were flexibility is their main characteristic, so that decisions are more like guidelines and actions are unified by a common cause and a feeling of participation.

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