Blending body painting and the art of portraiture, in this series of images, the subjects are not copied onto a canvas but are only the first layer of a reality that will be later achieved on the digital universe. 
To bring individual temporal inner experiences into a palpable reality is the guiding principle of this process. The result of this process are what I imagine the internal cosmos of the muses look like in certain humane situations if we could have a peek into their energy.
The results diverge in images that are colorful, ethereal, intensely digital or resembeling the underworld, where the creatures portrayed are a part of these universes or blend and become these universes themselves.
The beginning of the process is the raw naked human body, and the chosen color palette inspired by the energy I receive from the model. Aiming to navigate through the sexualisation of the bodies online and the fact that nudes are a very often chosen subject in art, the nakedness is transformed through brushstrokes on the skin into something apparently acceptable on social media platforms.
Seeking inspiration in other artists of body painting, such as Alexa Meade, and the tradition of European abstract painting, the purpose is to create a link or bridge between the abstraction achieved through painting, and the human figure, the two great antagonists of pure abstraction and pictorial figuration.
The aspiration is to take distance from mimesis in order to create spaces and scenes in which the viewer is invited to reflect on other realities.

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