Reality comes to us in layers. Any given situation has many leves from which to be understood, not all of them accesible to us at once -in fact, generally just a few-. This makes anything astonishingly complex when we're able to think about the amount of information that we're generally always missing.

This installation is a recognition of and and ode to this phenomena or way of understanding reality. One image travels though different layers, and even though the image is always the same, the dimensions, the intensity, the position, the movement of the layer in which its projected; make this seemingly same rays of light, have in this case 8 different imprints, or ways of looking at the same thing.

Empathy, humbleness or also confusion, are feelings that can arise after this understanding; we never see things as they fully are. We have access to whatever are our few levels of understanding, but never all at once.

And hence the visitors  walk though this installation, and with their movement have access to different views of this layers, and give their own imprint to this realitiess, in this specific space physically throught their projected shadows. Once we perceive a reality, some theorists argue, we influence this reality. To pass though this installation, one inevitably has to be on the way of the rays of light, therefore imprinting momentarily our own shadow, our own presence, to the situation.

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