Scenography for Photophobia Immersion
Audiovisual Experience presented at Queer B-cademy 2022 festival in Kampnagel, Hamburg
An initiative by Sanni Est
All bodies dissident and colonized,
rejected and racialized,
Diminished and traumatized
Join me in The movement, the research, the celebration.
I will
take you on a journey to the opposing energies of your depths.
confront you with is no lesser than what I confront myself with.
I am the moon,
I reveal the vitality occulted by patriarchy
I revive our originality suppressed by eurocentrism
I switch off the light of their illuminism
and I light the fire to our incessant transformation power.
I use my Ginga to create the best outcome of the apocalypse we inherited.
I face the inescapable darkness this new age brings because to me, it is inherent.
We must change the gaze,
We mustn’t be afraid.
We feel no shame or fear,
We let in doubts and tears,
Because it’s part of who we are. 
And we need us more than ever, since their palace’s fallen apart.
And now their values are obsolete, just like their gold and concretebecause only those who have made it through hell and back without surrendering to traumaAre welcome to my submarine to travel deep within our lava

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