This art installation is a clear invitation to reflect on ourselves, our society, and our understanding of
 chaos and of the precarious.
Entering we walk around an irregular platform, its floor is equally scratched but it is also elevated and therefore distanced from the level in which the chaotic unfolds.
This chaos, almost resembling an explosion, has left all the broken mirror pieces of the sides facing the viewers. This makes us protagonists of this installation. How do we react to the mirrors? Do we constantly seek to see different parts of ourselves? Do we seek to see other's reflections? Never being big enough to reflect a full person, we will always just see different aspects of ourselves or others, that narrowed by the framing of the mirrors, will come into focus and hence gain momentary protagonism.
The other material of this chaotic environment resembles as well a construction site, recalling a fragmented past or promising an upcoming future, whichever of the two will be for us to decide.
But yet we will never be in contact with it, as we are limited to be suspended above this chaos.
The last element of this installation is a lone eye, that is also facing the elevation and whoever walks on it.
Where the reflection of the mirrors are always a view in which we are participating, and that has two consecutive but different directions, as it always has to go to the mirror, bounce on it and be re-directed to wherever it is you're looking; the eye's view of us is unidirectional, permanent. We will always be seen.

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